The concept of "user-oriented product development" is embodied in each of our Products. We want all our products to provide users with the best performance possible. To achieve this, checks and inspections conforming to strict quality standards are repeatedly made throughout the entire production process, from raw materials to component assembly and the finished product.
Priya Electricals (AN ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company), A company which has started production 30 years ago in the innovative field of Electronics and Electricals, Since 1982 we have been manufacturing high quality Emergency lights, Voltage stabilizers, CFL Emergency lights, UPS, Computer UPS, Electronic Chokes, CFL Chokes, Halogen Transformers, KeyTag systems, Room and Door Indicators, Step down and Step up transformers and Also we can manufacture any kind of Electronic items as per our Clients requirement.
We are continuing intensive research, reaching for new horizons in electronics technology. Our integrated research and development structure has realized state-of-the-art technology in a number of areas.
Priya Electricals is extremely effective in designing, manufacturing and introducing new products, We are also capable Of Manufacturing Electronic items according to our clients need.