1. Inbuilt lamp holder for portable operation.
  2. Power save mode at no load in inverter mode.
  3. Highly reliable and low cost design using micro controller.
  4. Over Charge and low battery cut off with visual indications.
  5. Over load and short circuit protections with visual indications in inverter mode.
  1. DSP Based Design with absolute and stable Sine Wave output voltage and frequency.
  2. State of the art MOSFEt based PWM technology with greater efficiency at lower cost with Dynamic Stability.
  3. Over Temperature Protection.
  4. More back-up beaing a Sine Wave UPS (ASIC Control)
  5. No humming Noise (Silent UPS)
  6. Selector Swich for Normal / UPS
  1. Power save mode at no load in inverter mode.
  2. Highly reliable & low cost design usimg micro controller
  3. Overchange & Low Battery cut-off
  4. Built in stabilizer.
  5. Fuse protection in mains mode.
  1. Square Wave with micro controller design
  2. Fuse Protection in mains mode.
  3. State of art mofet based Technology.
  4. Capacitor Charger Circuit.
  5. Overcharge & Low Battery Cutt-off.
  6. Copper winded Trasformer.
  1. State of the art MOSFET/IGBT based PWM Technology to increase Crest Factor.
  2. Auto Sense Intelligent Control Smart Charger.
  3. Fast Changeover ensuring compatibility with computers.
  4. Mains Mode Short Circuit Protection.
  5. Less Operating Cost as compared to that with Online UPS as well as DG Sets.
  6. Bypass Switch in case of System Failure.
  7. Compatibility with D.G. Sets..